Welcome to Manipur chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)

Investment Matchmaking & Business Collaboration

The MCCI endow with tailored investment facilitation services to the various business sectors. Which consist of

  1. Provisioning products details,
  2. Credentials of joint venture partners,
  3. Facilitating ease of doing business by detailing procedural matters with the respective establishment,
  4. Business Matchmaking
  5. Assistance in legal agreement documentation

MCCI’s has value added extensively in the direction of investment matchmaking by facilitating various business delegation exchanges between India and ASEAN countries. MCCI has been influential in creating authentic platform for setting up B2B connection, in the course of various Buyer-Seller Meets and One-on-One Investor meetings organised, MCCI has accomplished as a true act of moderator. It has been able to achieve this through its association and partnerships between Manipur (India) and ASEAN countries.

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