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TILOG-LOGISTIX ,Bangkok 2018


      Our four members of MCCI participated in the TILOG-LOGISTIX ,Bangkok 2018 .In the light of the Moreh International Border opening  up on the 8th August 2018 , the Moreh land port being the  only land gateway that will connect by  land the Indian subcontinent with CLMVT countries as well as China , it is imperative  for the state of Manipur to frame a Logistics Policy .To gain exposure to global logistic practices , four members of MCCI participated in the TILOG-LOGISTIX , Thailand International Logistics Fair at Bangkok from 29th to 31st  August 2018 ,  an international trade fair for logistics service providers, intralogistics technologies & solutions and various seminars on logistics . The learning , exposure and interaction with the World Bank Infrastructure  Economists at the Expo  will be of vital importance in sharing the knowledge with the Policy makers for the formulation of a state logistics policy.


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