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Visa Recommendation

Visa Recommendation

The MCCI extend support subjected to visa recommendation letters to the representatives of organisations aspiring to travel abroad for promotion of business and other related activities. Recognized chamber recommendations are mostly preferred by various embassies / countries. MCCI Visa citations help in handing out the visas of member and non-member firms.

The firms longing for of obtaining recommendation letters for issue of visa are requested to apply to MCCI with the proper document referring to the checklist mentioned below.

The document needed to furnish during the application of the VISA are

  • A cover letter addressing to the MCCI, on the original letterhead of the firm (application format to be obtained from the Visa Recommendation Department of MCCI)
  • Photocopy of the passport of the person applying for the visa along with original for verification purpose
  • Photocopy of the invitation letter received from the country to be visited